The Marine Living Lab strives for accelerated and sustainable innovation in the blue sectors. Concrete questions from those sectors are picked up and worked out together with suitable partners into a tailor-made solution or project. The living lab has expertise and a broad network in fisheries, the marine environment, marine production, marine biotechnology and the blue economy in general.

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Do you have a question or an idea, or do you want more information about the functioning of the Living Lab: contact us and we will contact you! Depending on the corona measures in force, we will invite you for a person-to-person conversation, over the phone or online. Who knows, we may soon develop an innovative product together, or we will start a brand new research project.

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icon of a fishing vessel

Expertise in service of shipowners, fishermen, fishmongers and actors involved in fisheries policy

combined icon of fish and seaweed

Expertise in service of entrepreneurs and others involved in aquaculture on land and at sea (mariculture)

combined icon of waves and win turbine

Expertise in service of businesses, government bodies, and other scientific institutions involved in the sustainable exploitation of sand, gravel, wind energy

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Expertise in service of businesses active in blue biotechnology

icon of planet earth with symbols of sun and ice, representing the climate

Expertise in service of government authorities and scientific institutes involved in the protection of natural marine ecosystems